Saturday, September 19, 2015

Chapter 12 : Integrating the Organization from End to End Enterprise Resource Planning

 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) :
  • Serve as the organization's backbone in providing fundamental decision-making support.
  • Provide a foundation for collaboration between departments, enabling people in different business areas to communicate.
  • Have been widely adopted in large organizations to store critical knowledge used to make the decisions that drive performance.

Bringing The Organization Together :

The Evolution of ERP :

Integrating SCM, CRM, and ERP :
  • The backbone of ebusiness.
  • Integration of these applications is the key to success for many companies.
  • Integration allows the unlocking of information to make it available to any user, anywhere, anytime.
Integration tools :
  • Integrations are achieved using middleware - several different types of software that sit in the middle of and provide connectivity between two or more software applications.
  • Enterprise application integration (EAI) middleware represents a new approach to middleware by packaging together commonly used functionlly, such as providing prebuilt links to popular enterprise applications, which reduces the time necessary to develop solutions that integrate applications from multiple vendors. 

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